About us

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Our Story

Quaint Revolt is a Diasporic Resource rooted in thoughtful storytelling - spanning art, fashion, aesthetics and ideology. This zine is where culture informs and inspire.

Finer Details:

Primarily a features-oriented publication, Quaint Revolt's distinction is the centering of depth, analysis, and authenticity through human-interest storytelling and visual narratives. 

A platform for diverse voices within and outside the African Diaspora.

Our Inspiration

We aim to create, curate, and distribute optimal content sourced in/from integrity, is holistically ethical, and services our global community comprised of informed, cultured readers. 

Our Mission

Through engaging multimedia content and distribution, this periodical facilitates meaningful discourse on aesthetics, culture and affairs concerning the African Diaspora. In so doing, Quaint Revolt is a media tool that strengthens/expands our notions of how arts and life intersects.

Quaint Revolt Media, llc

Conceptualized in 2014, Quaint Revolt Media, llc is a nucleus generated by a thoughtfully-curated collective of thinkers, creatives and change-agents.