Mo’Nique – No Laughing Matter

Mo’Nique – No Laughing Matter

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Injustice does happen to the rich and famous after all. Comedian, Mo’Nique, is livid with the streaming network, Netflix. She is asking her fans to boycott the popular network for biases regarding gender and race. Mo’Nique insinuates that Netflix is prejudice, and favored a white female comedian, Amy Schumer, over her. In her recently released video [below], Mo’Nique vents about the discrimination she’s experienced with the streaming network. To comedian Mo’Nique, this is no laughing matter. Determined, she took to social media and is asking for her fan’s support as she protests against Netflix.

Mo’Nique Vents Over Amy Schumer’s Netflix Offer

The Competition – Amy Schumer’s Interview with Ellen

In the above video, Amy Schumer does remind us of the budding Mo’Nique when she first started out. Much like Mo’Nique in her earlier standup days, Amy targets herself. Her punch lines are aimed inward as she makes jokes about her size, and how she doesn’t fit into the stereotypical Hollywood portrayal of what the rich and famous should look like. Hilarious, as she is beautiful, Amy Schumer is making waves in the industry. Per Forbes reporter, Madeline Berg, “Turns out Schumer is not only attractive enough for television, she thrives on screen. Her success earned her $17  million last year, making her the fourth highest paid comedian and also the only woman to ever make the list of the world’s top paid comics.” Well, there you go, Mo’Nique, Amy Schumer’s offer of $11 million makes sense. Her career is on fire right now, and she’s making history!

Monique’s Last Movie “Almost Christmas 2016.”

Mo’Nique has given her fans years of laughter and entertainment, with the most recent movie [above] being two years ago. Some will say that the old version of the star was more charming and humbling than the newer, more, whinny Mo’Nique. In her interview with L.A. Times, the celebrity insists that she was “blackballed” after receiving an Oscar for her role in the movie “Precious.” You can read her interview with L.A. Times here. It seems that the former Queen of Comedy has hit a plateau in her career, while Amy Schumer’s has just begun. So, what can we expect from Mo’Nique in the near future? The “Almost Christmas” star is talented and brilliant. She has delivered years of gut-busting entertainment both on stage and in film. Hopefully, Mo”Nique’s future endeavors reunite her fans with the actress/comedian’s former self. The world is continually changing, and so are people and their interests, and Hollywood knows this better than anybody. Unfortunately, for Mo’Nique, Amy Schumer is what’s in style now. She is entertaining, funny, young, and on the cusps of her career. This success is fantastic for Amy, but for Mo’Nique, who may be considered ancient by some standings, the deprivation of her occupation is no laughing matter.


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