The Millennial’s Guide To Car-Buying

The Millennial’s Guide To Car-Buying

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When it comes to consumer behavior, it seems that no group has levied analysts substantial disruptions (and great insights) like Millennials. To many, our shopping habits are still quite peculiar, and defining these behaviors continue to pose a challenge for providers. Our incessant demand for open relationships with brands, sufficient, accessible product information, and tailored shopping experiences are a few key concepts emphasized by millennial consumers. We are ever more selective when considering large purchases, such as vehicles. Yes, our generation is still interested in owning cars, and is clearly up to the task of meeting our needs.


Contrary to what many may believe, we are purchasing cars at an even higher rate than our parents and grandparents, according to CNBC’s Sara O’Brien. Through, potential buyers can research vehicles specs, sell or trade, collect service information, and have access to safety-related content, such as the website’s Car Seat Safety Week. It’s all-inclusive, comprehensive platform is everything we the rebellious gen deem as key drivers: informative, responsive, and customer-focused. It is the quintessential starting point for first-time buyers, source for motor industry trends, and honest reviews directly from the Cars community. It’s fair to say, is the sure destination for vehicle shopping. Rather, it’s the Millennial’s guide car-buying. Wouldn’t you agree?

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