Not-So-Boring Neutrals For Pre-Fall

Not-So-Boring Neutrals For Pre-Fall

I’ve been discussing dresses extensively this summer – my battles with them, how to wear knitted styles in the summer, etc., etc. I won’t focus solely on the dress itself today, but instead, talk about my obsession with what I call “new neutrals.” We’re used to nude tones being defined as tan, light and dark brown, and even blush pink. While those colors are classic, staples if you will, they do get boring and are overdone by the Instagram clean aesthetics folks. Not on Quaint Revolt though. It’s time to let our wardrobe’s palette travel to those in-between spaces on the color spectrum, and explore those rich, yet subdued tones. Examples: olive green (light and dark), dark yellows (like mustard), burnt orange, and animal prints.

Pre-fall, in my opinion, is merely a contemporary semi-faux season created by designers to sell more of their work. And rightfully so. Like the tones listed above, the season is also an in-between area – centered amid summer and autumn – which makes it the best match for new neutrals. Go crazy in a full olive ensemble, mix those leopard and cheetah prints, or try a combination like the outfit featured in this post. After all, the before-fall season doesn’t have to be a total waste. We can use it as a period to showcase variety in our style, by taking on colors that may not have been on your radar. When autumn does arrive, we can mix these tones with their higher-saturated counterparts, just before we turn to all-black, the greys, and so on. I haven’t caught much buzz about pre-fall this year, but the concept is still floating around out there. Why not collude with it?

Photos by WhatDemiWore; H&M Dress (sold out); Aldo Slides (old); Forever21 Bag (old). Target Faux Wool Hat (old).

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