Quaint Gal Destiny Green

Quaint Gal Destiny Green

What do you get when “an electic taste in music,” a stylish, yet thrifty Mom, and personal style that extends from hair to sole combine? Well, you’ll get our Quaintrelle of the week, Destiny Green. She’s a Louisiana born style star whose ” been residing in Riverdale, Georgia  since [she] was 2 years old.” Louisiana makes me think of multicultural food, equally vast music, and colors spanning the entire spectrum, much like her style. It comes as no surprise, then, that her love for music, especially “r&b and soul [because it] touched me in a special way” inspires her past era aesthetic. “From Al Green, Prince, Teddy Pendergrass, and Chaka Khan, I loved it!” She goes to say that “gradually, my music ear and old soul began influencing my eye for clothing, and unconsciously contributed to my style. It’s allowed me to express all the different sides of my character without saying a word.” But like most girls, Destiny’s style is influenced by her mother who she says “showed me how to be fabulous, and pocket friendly honey! We’d always go bargain hunting, and she’d take me to the thrift stores every so often. It was just something about running across so many things that had a story, and then BAM! You find something you’ve connected with, and it becomes yours. There’s nothing like that feeling.” I can’t help but to think of how I, too, have turned into my sale loving mother.

Being the hair freak that I am, I had to inquire after seeing Destiny’s mane, which always seems to perfectly match her print mash-ups. Though she “recently started to experiment with [her] hairstyles,” she’s totally into it and has “discovered a whole new outlet for self expression.” She adds that “In the past, my hair was always “just so”. I never tried coloring it, because my natural reddish brown hair was my “thing” that I felt separated me from others, and I was afraid to change it. My idea of jazzing it up was simple box braids, or a bobbed haircut. Once I decided to fully commit  to being natural though, I started doing more protective styles, and got super creative with it! Extensions, weaves, wigs, etc, have allowed me to switch up hairstyles and  colors, while keeping my natural hair protected. Now my hairstyles are used to create new characters with my looks, or influence my moods. It’s how I have fun with myself” and having fun with her self expression seems to come easy. On an observational note, when I asked her opinion on why young people are so obsessed with thrifting and vintage, she offered this: “I guess because modern fashion is heavily influenced by previous eras, so there’s a lot of pieces appealing to the youth at thrift stores still. It’s way cheaper, great quality for the most part, and everything’s sold in one. . . nobody else will have the same shirt as you or what not; thrifters get a feel of exclusiveness with their purchases. Then Macklemore  came out with the thrift store song, and the rest is history! Everybody loves a little nostalgia though, [whether] they’re aware of it or not! It informs, and soothes the soul.” Does anything else needs to said? Well, yes! Here are some Destiny fun facts:

1. I don’t eat or drink anything the color blue.

2. I was a lion in my past life.

3. I LOVE musical theater.

4. I collect albums

5. And  I absolutely love feathered, fluffy, and furry textured clothing!

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