I Met My Favorite Icon Rihanna

One thing that everyone knows about me, whether we’re close or merely associates, is that I am the biggest, most loyal Rihanna fan. I’ve followed her from the beginning, but after “Good Girl Gone Bad,” I was beyond obsessed. My admiration for her has been one of the few constants in my life and this past Saturday it paid off. In a BIG way!

To promote the launch of Rogue Man, her latest fragrance, Rihanna and Macy’s held an event at the store’s Lennox Square Mall location here in Atlanta. The first 300 customers to purchase Rogue or Rogue Man were able to meet and take a picture with the stat. There isn’t a fan who relates to her more than I do, so of course I was one of those 300 lucky buyers. I camped out at Macy’s the night before to guarantee myself a spot. Throughout this process, I connected with some fellow die-hard members of the navy (or nehvi if you’re real).

Artist Christine with her Watercolor portrait. @ENoGMATIC (ig)
Artist Christine with her Watercolor portrait. @ENoGMATIC (ig)

I’ve always felt that Rihanna and I share certain similarities; we both love fashion, are island girls, had tomboyish ways when we lived in our hometowns, hold the same philosophies on life and we were both in extremely intense relationships at a young age. The timing and content of her albums always seem to reflect the influences taking place in my life at the moment. Her music has encouraged me to accept when it is time to leave a situation. She has helped me with past hurts that were controlling my life. I am a complex being with even more complex thoughts and emotions. So is Rihanna and she helped me understand that. She has helped me regain power over my sexuality after having no control for a great deal of time. For these reasons, I never wavered in my belief that we had a spiritual connection. When I walked up to her, she greeted me with the sweetest compliment. Immediately tears welled up and I started to cry. My idol then asked me where I was from with eyes charged with interest, attention and familiarity. I continuously explained to her how much I just knew her. It was as though she could feel that all of who she is was understood on a significant level. With the utmost sincerity, she uttered the words, “I know you too.” Followed by another heart felt hug, Rihanna validated me. Our encounter ended after wiping my tears with her bare hands “so [I] can take a cute picture.” Witty, beautiful, and emotional. She is everything I thought and so much more. I must say, the real validation came when multiple onlookers/fans told me how much longer I stayed on stage with her and that the way she embraced me was beautiful (haha suckers!). Others saw what I felt as well as her reciprocity. There’s also a video snippet that captured the end of our moment (thanks to my new navy friend). I’m not just a crazed fan, okay people? *yes, I am* The connection is real y’all!  Enjoy the gallery below of my day with Rihanna and her #navy!

Btw, I wore hollister bf jeans, an aeropostale top I picked up for $6, and my shoes are from Lulu’s. Purse and rings from h&m. Necklace f21. Rihanna viva glam 2 lipstick and MAC Format blush. See more pix, including one of me crying after my time with her on my instagram @quaint_revolt

xx Sasha.

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    Aww that is so awesome! I got a chance to meet Bethany Mota from Youtube recently. I even vlogged about it on my Youtube lol. It was pretty exciting! 🙂

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